Bah. New tech.

Yesterday would have been a nice, temperate day for a walk, guys. It was gray, but nice and cool, and I don’t know how many more days like that I can expect with summer fast approaching here on the Jersey Coast. Alas, it was not meant to be. The phone (and the reason this is […]

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brief update

I’ve decided at last to switch off the ‘Grrl in Progress’ nom de plume. I have not picked an official pen name (this should not be so complicated, but damn it, I’m gonna be stuck with it for a good long while, so I want to make sure it feels right), so you guys may […]

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WAMP Series: Robin Renee

So, I spent the day debating on whether or not to go to this show tonight. One of my comic friends was going to be performing, and one part of me thought ‘it’s good to get out of the┬áhouse’. Another part of me wasn’t sure if it could will itself to be bothered with people. […]

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Coming out of Hibernation

Spring is weird. Supposedly, we humans, don’t hibernate, but I think that’s really only partially true. You can see the signs in January, starting with New Year’s. We start thinking about all the things we haven’t dealt with, start making lists. Then, the first sign of good weather, and we get a random burst of […]

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