Well, I’ve been keeping pretty busy this past week. As a result, I’ve had very little time per day with instruments in hand. I’m still trying to rescue myself out from under the mountain of stuff we all manage to somehow accumulate over the years, and spent most of the night going through a stack […]

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Hurricanes (First run through)

Well, here ya go guys – my first ever guitar song, in all it’s imperfectly played glory. Thank my weirdo muse for this one. Hurricanes We’ve been talking in torrents for hours I can’t hear you over all this rain. Summer storms just water all the flowers, but all I ever see are hurricanes.   […]

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Proof that Facebook is Crazy.

So, I mentioned about a week ago, when I was merging the blogs, that due to my phone being retarded and not knowing how to spell much of anything, and constantly autocorrecting real words into words that don’t actually exist, the renaming of the associated Facebook page was misspelled.  I also mentioned that I contacted […]

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Technical Glitch.

Here’s a short ass post for you: Apparently, some of you who are not spammers are getting your comments sorted into spam. I don’t know why. Some of you who I talk to all the time and who are my regular cast of commenting characters are not getting auto-approved, so I am replying to your […]

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Take that, X-kid!

Yes! 100% completion. I have been trapped at 99.6% for what feels like forever due to insignificant eff ups. Excuse me a moment while I do my bass happy dance (which resembles not dancing at all. Don’t judge.). Of course, I still have to actually memorize the song, but…hey, I can play it all. Memory […]

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