Hadean Ukulele Bass

Okay, so I’m still fighting off the upper respiratory disaster, but, I’m sitting in a chair at this point, not melting into a ten foot high pile of pillows, so I’m going to count that as progress, even if my nose mostly feels like it’s on fire, and I’m basically in the middle of a […]

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Meanwhile, in bass land…

  I spent a good part of the day noodling around on my guitar and my bass. In guitar land, I have a new tune, and I have something vaguely resembling lyrics, but these two things don’t seem to bear any relation to one another, so it seems I’ve got two entirely different creatures in […]

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Observation: It’s really, REALLY hard to practice bass with a head cold and/or allergies. I’m not quite sure what it was that hit me abruptly at around 7 pm last night, but I know I took a benadryl and it did a whole fuck lot of nothing, but woke up totally fine this morning. So, […]

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The gift of Music

Well, guys, I’m sitting down to write a post at 2 in the morning; there’s no way this can possibly go wrong, I’m sure.  Tonight we went off to celebrate a friend’s birthday. In addition to some rockin’ accessories, I decided to pass on my first uke as a gift as well. That’s the Diamond […]

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