New Tune: Unsaid

Here’s another new one. This one I just finished writing a day or two ago. I’m sure those of you who might be audiophiles have possibly noticed that in spite of all of my talk about audio interfaces and DAW software, etc, I’m still recording these kind of off-the-cuff on my cell phone.  It’s all […]

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New Tune: The Zombie Song

This is not the song I promised you in one of my recent posts. I still haven’t recorded that one properly. This is something totally different. I know I’ve been kind of in radio silent mode recently. Our receptionist at work has been out due to surgery, and I’ve been covering for her (in addition […]

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New Tune: In This Photograph

Well, I decided to use the song I finished writing earlier this week to give Audio Evolution a full test drive, and decided to use my phone to do it. (Note: when recording on your phone, turn off app notifications, or at least wear headphones. I did not do this when recording the guitar and, […]

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Merry Musical Holidays

I’m not even going to lie, guys. I have no idea what I’ve told you this month, what I haven’t. December is always manic here. Add to that the loss of a beloved pet, the addition of a new adoptee, and the cold from hell that roomie brought home just in time for the holidays […]

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New Tune: Generic Love Song

This is a terrible recording. Seriously terrible. Between my mic stand now doing this thing where it randomly collapses for no reason, my chair deciding to sink for no reason, and my poor cat wheezing in the background due to a kitty cold, I just surrendered to a case of the ‘whatevers’ so I could […]

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