F Chord progress

Well guys, I’m writing this one while on hold with a certain vendor that I currently want to stab in the face so just how coherent this is going to be is up for some serious debate, but I need to do SOMETHING other than listen to their shitty hold music. I am attempting to […]

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Argh. F Already?

I won’t lie, guys. I have been living with a fear of barre chords. I’ve attempted to get the feel for them a few times, but there’s that part of my brain that says ‘but this is the hard shit!’ that has made me kind of shy away. I know I need to learn it, […]

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App: Read Music Notes HN202

Well, I ended up down another Google Play store rabbit hole. Funny thing is, I can’t even remember now what started it, but I found something kind of neat. As it turns out, the internet is full of learn to read music apps. This speaks to my innate desire to poke at things, so I […]

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