The Kid Who Got Picked Last

I was the kid who got picked last, but what you saw of me was only my beginning. And, in that beginning, you taught me how to be all shell, no turtle. You heaped hatred on my back and said, “carry this; it’s too heavy for me.” You’re Welcome. And, thank you: Now, I’m so […]

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Ah, the return of photoshop (elements 13) has made these infinitely easier -…and also a bigger time waster, when I decide ‘ooo! I know! I’ll draw a tree!’ 😀 Sat on this piece since before the new year, because it just wasn’t right. Knew what I wanted to say, but couldn’t find the right way […]

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Five Things

This one was inspired by, of all things, one of those silly facebook memes, where you have to post 5 things about yourself. I don’t always do memes, but something about it made the muse wake up and go ‘ooh, is it poetry time? Can it be poetry time now?’ Five Things I have five […]

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Here’s a new one that sort of fell out, and holy crap, it rhymes! Not normally my way of doing things really, but it flowed really organically for this piece, so I went with it. Toxicity I have a confession: I shy from affection. I hold secrets like sapphires. Burn Bridges. Start Fires. When it […]

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Actual Air

My lungs are so full of expectations that I have forgotten what oxygen tastes like. But I believe that, someday, I will be breathing Actual Air.   I have wasted half a life choking on unwritten rules: like pink, hate football, say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, even when you don’t want what your asking for, […]

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