Argh. F Already?

I won’t lie, guys. I have been living with a fear of barre chords. I’ve attempted to get the feel for them a few times, but there’s that part of my brain that says ‘but this is the hard shit!’ that has made me kind of shy away. I know I need to learn it, […]

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Once again, I told myself I would upload photos for you tonight, and then picked up my guitar and never did it. On the up side, I’m making really good progress (but not good enough for my liking) on a new tune I hope I’ll be able to share with you soon. I started working […]

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Dm Progress

So, with poetry ramblings aside, let’s get back to some music ramblings (and I’m aware I also have several nature pics I haven’t gotten around to/bothered to post here yet). I mentioned last week that I’d decided to add Dm to my guitar repertoire. What better way to do that than to compose a riff, […]

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Pick Practice

I know, two posts in one night! This is a quickie though, guys. I was sitting here practicing working with a pick and it dawned on me, ‘hey, you know, in between all the posts about poetry, and photos, and the recent festival, I don’t think I’ve actually posted that I’m making progress on manipulating […]

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Meanwhile, in bass land…

  I spent a good part of the day noodling around on my guitar and my bass. In guitar land, I have a new tune, and I have something vaguely resembling lyrics, but these two things don’t seem to bear any relation to one another, so it seems I’ve got two entirely different creatures in […]

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