Holiday Art

After our Halloween adventures at the office, it seems that people are feeling crafty in the office for the first time ever. Normally, we throw up some window stickies and call it a day. This year, though, they started with paper snowflakes. That led to paper trees, and paper ornaments, and…well, there’s lots of paper […]

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Done in Sketchbook on my tablet. Limiting myself to half a dozen layers is pretty tough, but I’m getting used to it. I always feel compelled to not merge layers until the end, just in case, but when you have a maximum number of layers, you definitely have to plan well. This started out as […]

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Halloween Parrot

When Halloween gets out of hand…you draw parrots. 🙂 The one fun thing we do all year at the office is the cubicle/office decorating contest. It is in full swing in the cubes this year. We have a Haunted House, a Creepy Carnival (complete with push button fortune teller!), a dungeon, a cube themed after […]

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As A Woman

I told you something new was in process. Here’s a nice angry feminist poem for you. 🙂 As A Woman It’s possible that, as a woman, I’ve failed but, as a person? The jury is still out. And, I’m sorry if you don’t want to accept that things keep growing until they die, but I […]

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