New Track: In an Ideal World

I know. I know. I still owe you a banjolele post. I’m procratinating, but also not procrastinating. I didn’t use my usual strings, and those fuckers are taking FOREVER to settle. Not sure yet if the tuning issues I’m experiencing are the uke or the strings, and so want to withhold my banjolele thoughts until […]

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New Tune: It’s You

I decided to write this one on the new baritone uke as an excuse to noodle around with it and get used to it. Ultimately, this song pretty much exists because I had two weird encounters in the same week. This happens to all of us sometimes, I think – where we have a totally […]

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New Tune: Wake Up Dreaming

I have some steampunkery to talk to you about from this year’s festival, but I haven’t taken the pics off of my camera yet, so I’ll have to get back to that later (soon…ish), but in the meanwhile, I’ve been roughing up a new tune. Been debating on calling it ‘Wake up Dreaming’ or ‘Masquerade’, […]

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New Tune: Adrift

The inspiration for this song is weird. It comes from a thousand different places that all have nothing at all to do with the end result. It comes from my recent hike in Ramanessin where my shoes got stuck in the mud, and from the concentration camps in Chechnya, and from an anthill I stepped […]

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New Tune: Unsaid

Here’s another new one. This one I just finished writing a day or two ago. I’m sure those of you who might be audiophiles have possibly noticed that in spite of all of my talk about audio interfaces and DAW software, etc, I’m still recording these kind of off-the-cuff on my cell phone. ┬áIt’s all […]

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New Tune: On A Quiet Morning

That’s “new”, as in new to you, my readers. I’ve been promising to upload this one for a while, and I just haven’t done it. I was going to do a better recording, and I didn’t. I was going to upload it to soundcloud, but I still keep running into space issues on soundcloud that […]

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New Tune: The Zombie Song

This is not the song I promised you in one of my recent posts. I still haven’t recorded that one properly. This is something totally different. I know I’ve been kind of in radio silent mode recently. Our receptionist at work has been out due to surgery, and I’ve been covering for her (in addition […]

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New Tune: Mexico

You might construe this one as political if you squint, given our current political landscape in the US, but actually it’s just sort of a coincidence that this one ended up being called ‘Mexico’. True story. This morning at about 9:30, I’m at work and my dad calls. Now, I’m pretty firm about people not […]

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