Photos: Davidson Mill Pond Park

With daylight savings time fast approaching, this is very likely my last after work walk for a while. From November through January, it’s black as midnight out when I leave the office, which I am not looking forward to at all, though my body doesn’t seem any happier about trying to haul out of bed […]

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Photos: Sandy Hook Bay at Sunset

Sunset over Sandy Hook bay a few weeks ago, out by Fort Hancock. The full photo set can be found on instagram, as usual, including a shot where you can see the oldest functioning lighthouse in the US, which I’m only not including here because I apparently already took it off of my phone. This […]

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Photos: Thompson Park-Monroe

Here’s another round from Thompson Park in Monroe. This is last week, I believe. I haven’t been this week due to my sore throat turning into the cold from hell. As sunset gets earlier and earlier, I suspect I may only have a week or so left where hitting this park will still keep me […]

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