The Omnibus is here.

It’s FINALLY done. The formatting on this fricking thing fought with me every step of the way – first in print, and then again in digital. It was a demon, but I vanquished it at long last. It would be a shame not to compile it all into an omnibus edition, anyway, considering how much […]

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New Chapbook: The Minutiae

Well, I got the second proof of the final chapbook last night, and I don’t hate the cover this time, so I hit the handy-dandy approve button and set up the e-book version. And, with that, the epic poetry project of doom is just about done. I’m waiting on the proof copy of the Omnibus […]

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Next Chapbook: If This is Love

I know, I know. I’ve been posting literally nothing but ‘new chapbook available’ for the last several posts. Sorry about that. I know it’s got to be getting boring, but I’ve been working on them three at a time (while I’m waiting for confirmation on one, I’m designing the cover for the next. When I’m […]

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